Helplife works in partnerships for improving the quality of life of disadvantaged / under-privileged individuals by promoting positive living, and addressing physical, mental and social rehabilitation by using appropriate technology.

Helplife is actively working for physically handicapped girls mainstreaming them into society with an aim for them to become professionals and independent members of society addressing physical, mental and social rehabilitation.

Our Program

Looks at developing a holistic Integrated Education Package to allow full inclusion and integration and mainstreaming of individuals with disability by employment, independent living, economic and social self-sufficiency.

Through Helplife :
  • Adolescent girls who are physically challenged are given education after 10 std until higher education
  • All children are exposed to English and computer classes, personality development, value education & vocational training
  • Community based rehabilitation of adolescent girls with special needs
  • Supporting Maternal and child Health care program under CSR
  • “Educate Pune” an initiative to support schools with a unique identity for furthering education of the underprivileged children

Criteria of selection at Helplife
1. poor socioeconomic status
2. Physical disability more than 40%
3. Excellent educational record.

Why innovations matters:

Innovations are necessary in the area of Reproductive and child health to develop solutions that may serve the needs of women based on the recent evidence based research that is available to us in the light of present knowledge.

Innovations can help us to accomplish quality service delivery even in the remote settings, where the marginalized women and children have problem of accessibility.

Helplife is trying to help professionals, health workers through their Innovations in service delivery for the most vulnerable women and newborns by bringing in innovations that would improve and facilitate the process of childbirth, thereby decreasing morbidity and mortality in the most deprived.

The major innovations in childbirth at Helplife are;

Helplife Birth Cushion and Helplife Partogram.
Helplife Birth Cushion and Helplife Partogram were devised at Helplife with the idea of improving traditional posture of delivery and timely referral of the pregnant women during labour.
In most of the developing countries many of the deliveries still take place at home or in the poor resource settings. Helplife devised the Birth Cushion for safe births, either at home or at health centre, where there are no doctors, and the deliveries are conducted by the trained village midwives or any other health personnel like Community health workers, Traditional trained birth attendants, volunteers or any other resource available at the village level.
The innovations in the process of Childbirth are also linked to some traditional practices that have proved to be very beneficial. One such practice is delivery in modified squatting position of delivery. Use of Helplife Birth Cushion during delivery has helped women to deliver normally and remain in full control during and after labour. For more details on the device contact Helplife through email.

Helplife Birth Cushion


Helplife Partogram


Helplife Partogram

Helplife Partogram, is a referral aid used for timely referral of labouring woman to the Referral Centre in case of obstetric complications that cannot be treated at home or at the Health Centre. For more information please get in touch with Helplife through email-


What we do

Children with special needs especially adolescent girls are facing serious problem with attaining higher education as there are no schools that would accommodate such girls and therefore Helplife took initiative in supporting these girls for higher education and courses that they would want to pursue.

Educate Pune
“ The world will change one student at a time” is what all of us at Help Life believe. Empowering under privileged children with an education gives them the greatest chance to break the cycle of poverty. With this thought in mind the “Educate Pune” initiative was created.
“Educate Pune” aims at supporting school that cater to underprivileged and opportunity deprived children. The initiative has 4 main focus area namely infrastructure, sustainability, health and nutrition with a great emphasis on community involvement.
Each of our 6 schools has something very unique about them and are run by people who truly want to change the world “one student at a time”

Where we are engaged

Helplife works in Urban Slum and Rural areas of Maharashtra and India with a vision to spread globally.

Areas of Intervention
Spearheading the first of its kind internship program for the differently abled
“Our flagship program targets the holistic development of differently abled adolescent girls and serves as a channel for their higher education – The first of its kind in India”.

Higher Education
Physically challenged girls are given the opportunity to pursue further education i.e. A degree in either Arts, Commerce or Science, at a premier institute
HELPLIFE sponsors all the costs through this unique internship program (Living, comprehensive medical coverage, tuition fees, transport etc.)

Professional Training
In addition to the educational degree HELPLIFE provides vocational training if interested also gives the option of pursuing a professional degree in the area of interest.
For instance, a student who is not educated or has just completed 10th std wants to do tailoring HELPLIFE supports such an individual; or an individual who is interested in computers can do an appropriate course like hardware networking.

Personality Development
Frequent Personality development workshops and rigorous English Language Training keep our students in good shape to compete in the real world All round well- being
HELPLIFE caters to all the medical expenses that might be incurred during the student’s stay with us. We recently sponsored a back surgery to correct the posture of one of our students to allow her to lead a more healthy life.
In addition to physical wellbeing, emotional health is also a prime agenda at HELPLIFE and this is ensured through psychological counseling services that keep a track of the emotional and mental health of our students.

Vocational courses and Life Skills training
Names of the Institutes or the organizations where girls got higher education or vocational trainings in Pune, Maharashtra, India

  • Dr.Arvind B.Telang Institute of Hotel Management
  • Kohinoor Technical Institute Pvt. Ltd
  • Arena Multimedia
  • Balkalyan Sanstha
  • Frame Box Animation/Visual effects
  • Gorgeous Beauty Parlour
  • IITC- India International Trade Centre
  • Thermax
  • Disha Computers

Value education - by shaping students into responsible citizens- Educate Pune.
An initiative to support schools with a unique identity for furthering education of the underprivileged. Educate Pune supports renovation of the selected schools and improves facilities for the children including the quality of education that includes innovative education and value education at these schools.

Human Resource development- through Appreciative inquiry- Helplife conducts appreciative inquiry workshops for various groups e.g., adolescent girls and HIV positive women and Local NGOs.

Treatment of Physically disabled adolescent girls- monetary help for calipers and operations for corrective surgery for polio cases.

Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) Programs for differently abled adolescent
Differently abled girls are supported for education and professional courses while living at home in order to make them independent members of the society. CBR amounts to development of the community as a whole, empowering the disabled persons to achieve their complete potential, enabling them to integrate into the fabric of the community and make decisions for themselves. Some of the courses offered which could be considered are as follows:
  • Tailoring
  • Beauty Parlor
  • Jewelry designing
  • Teacher training
  • Catering/cooking
  • Secretarial course
  • Mobile repairing
  • Hardware networking
  • Masters in social work
  • Accountancy
  • Fabric, glass and canvas painting
  • Computer based courses

Reproductive and Child Health - Providing minimum obstetric care & family Planning- Activities which promote use of appropriate technology for safe childbirth & safe motherhood in 12 villages of Haveli Taluka in the district of Pune, Maharashtra, India. Helplife trained the health personnel at grass root level in using indigenously prepared interventions like Helplife Birth cushion, partogram and delivery kits with disposable and reusable components.

Supporting Maternal and Child Health Care – a Forbes Marshall initiative along with Helplife Weekly clinics addressing maternal and child health care along with general health care are conducted under the aegis of an experienced physician to address health care needs of the community population along with counseling and follow up care.

Adolescent & Sexuality – Helplife is in the process of developing modules for adolescent and sexuality especially in physically disabled children.

Psychosocial counseling- Helplife is associated with experts on psychosocial counseling and provides regular counseling to the in house girls, Counseling for individuals (on reproductive and sexual health, psychological counseling).

Medical checkup in schools and community- Helplife supports medical check ups of the in-house girls and outside depending on the need of the program.

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