The Physically Challenged are not Dis-abled but just Differently - abled!
HELPLIFE - presents an opportunity to physically challenged girls in the form of a 1 year to 2-years intership Program, to rise above the stigma and discrimination, become in dependent and achive their goals.
Our AIM is to infuse positive thinking, belief, confidence and fighting spirit, so that there is no place for fear but only hope.
Join hands with us to work towards Rehabilitation, creating a Support System and helping these girls make their dreams a reality.
Even a small contribution on your path will go along way in broadening their horizons and giving them the life every human being deserves to live irrespective of their abilities.

Individual founder donors:
Maj. Gen. (Retd). H.K Bhardwaj
Mrs. Jenny Ruducha
Mr. Mansoor Ali
Mr. Umesh Jalan

Volunteers at Helplife:
Kusum Jalan
Maryam Pakzad
Lamiya Husaini Dola
Suman Razdan
Cell: +91 8805335123
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