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My name is Sarita and I am 18 years old. I am from a village named Bhor in Maharashtra. My parents are poor farmers and my brother and I both have muscular dystrophy I have used crutches for a very long time. Our lives already blighted, are made worse because of our handicap.

I was very close to my grandmother and lived with her as my school was nearby. She passed away but I wasn’t told, as my studies would have been affected. I was carried to school by my mother and another brother and a sister regularly for many years. I often wonder what a burden I must have been. I was shifted to Lonavala in an institute and ultimately, to the Wanowrie Institute as carrying me had become impossible as I grew up. From Standard VII onwards I had a back problem and that added to my already existing disability. I remember winning a drawing competition and receiving a prize from the Goa Chief Minister How proud I was! I was adviced to draw as exercise for my fingers and I enjoyed Art. My disabled brother Ravi was set up with a shop financed by my poor father but he needs help even today to move about.

In Std IX I underwent a very painful operation to cure my ailing back and was absent from school for over a year . That was a desolate time for me. At the Wanowrie Institute initially I was lost and forlorn but I slowly made friends. The teachers were supportive but I was diffident and lacked confidence. But after joining Helplife I am a changed person I am bolder, and more communicative. I have joined Art, English and Computer classes. Can you believe that! I am learning computer animation my dream has come true?

I am independent now and even my parents are proud of my accomplishments. I am in Pune and life is an adventure. Though on crutches, I am free to do what I wish within the rules of the organisation. I even have my own bank account and travel by bus by myself! How life has changed? From being a burden I have become self sufficient all because of Helplife.

I enjoy watching films and love Amrita Rao and Shahrukh Khan. Alka Yagnik is a great Singer I mourn for late Ishmeet Singh the Star Voice of India Poor Boy! My advice to the disabled is to seek help from organization like Helplife – their world will change like mine has.

To the “normal” folk I say” you have such a great advantage over folks like us! Make the best of it –no handicap holds you back! Actually, my handicap doesn’t hold me back either! Thanks to help life

Thank you Neelam Madam

Thank you Help Life

Thank you my parents and family

I am a lucky girl

I am Suvarna, a 19 year old girl from a hamlet called Yawala. My parents own a bit of land and till it for a living. My brother is a driver and I am so proud of him.

I am disabled but not from birth. An injection given to me by a Doctor new to the village caused my legs to wither away at the age of four. Since then, one leg is shorter than the other I am affected with polio. My case became worse due to the so called “god men” and “miracle healers” who claim to cure but actually make things worse as in my case superstition and ignorance made my condition worse. I could only crawl, and walk with the help of a crude push cart.

But I did attend school, however difficult it was to go there. My grand father was very strict and domineering hence my mother could not do much for me, though she wanted to encourage me. At the age of six on my family friends advice I was sent to a school for disabled in Wanowarie, where I missed my mother’s love. My lovely long hair was cut and I missed my mothers oiling and braiding it lovingly everyday. Though the officials were kind, I felt very lonely. I even missed my domineering grand father, I was so home sick. But I adjusted and made friends who lasted till I passed out in Standard X. Mother hardly visited me in Wanowrie as it was too far away and the expenses to travel were too high for our meager income. I had to go through a lot of trauma in Wanowarie. I was separated from my friends and family at home; felt rejected and was often dejected though the people incharge were helpful by and large.

I am very frank and have a quick temper which has often got me into trouble. I have difficulties in accepting my faults and I must learn to overcome these short comings of my nature, I can! I will! The program in Helplife has taught me to be more tactful, and voice my opinions without hurting the feelings of others. My role model is Neelam Madam. I admire the work she does and her humility. I would like to do social work and help others just like Neelam Madam helps and guides me.

My only wish is to live with my dear mother and father inspite of my mother living far away she has guided me to always be honest, satisfied and to do my best inspite of my handicap.

My message to the disabled is: You are not inferior to any one. The words “ I can do everything should be a part of the vocabulary and not “I cannot” be part of your vocabulary. “Always look forward!”

I implore “ normal “ people without handicaps “Please don’t look down on the disabled Encourage them. They too, have dreams. We don’t want your pity just your understanding and encouragement Is that too much to ask?

My name is Pramila Kulkarni. I was born in the year 1991 on July 31st. I am from a place called Nagar. I come from a very poor family. My father is a farmer by profession. My family has five members my Father, Mother, one elder brother, elder sister (married) & myself. My brother works in company at Hadpsar. I was born handicapped with both my legs attached to my hips. From birth itself I faced a lot of problems till adulthood.

In my childhood I faced many problems. Primary among them was going to the toilet as my legs were attached to my hips & I could not walk I had to crawl on my knees with the help of my hands because of which I had rashes on my hands’ and I used to have wounds on my knees .Even during monsoons when it rained heavily crawling was problematic & my mobility was totally hampered. As both my legs were folded & attached to my hips it was very difficult for me to do my regular toilet duties. Even for my daily toilet duties I always needed assistance. It was a very difficult and trying time for me.

I was always assisted by my father; mother, brother, sister & relatives also. This made me feel very embarrassed, confused upset that I was a burden to others. Even in my early days of school I was carried by my parents to school. At times when my parents were working on the field I had to go crawling to school. Due to my handicap I needed assistance in all walks of life.

I used to always feel why have I been born and why I am such a burden for others. I don’t know what my sins were. My friends used to make fun of my disability & this used to hurt me a lot & I used to think that God had cursed me. This situation of my life made me feel embarrassed & I was ashamed of myself. Due to this problem I had no confidence in life. My first schooling was at Nagar & the name of the school was Mahatma Phule and I studied up to STD four in that school. I joined this school in the year 1995 & left in the year 2002. As we were poor & my parents had very less knowledge of education they did not send me for further studies. I had passed my STD four & I was at home. I wanted to go to school & study. As I am handicapped I did not want to depend on others for my needs.

One day my Uncle who stays at Pune told my father about the Apang Kalyankari Sanstha. Finally in the year 2003 I got admission to the organization situated at Wanawadi. After coming to this school I was operated on both my legs and with this operation my legs were detached from my hips. I was fitted with a machine for 3 months. With the help of the machine my legs were straightened after which I underwent physiotherapy. I was able to walk with help of calipers & crutches and I also had to exercise regularly .At this school I studied from STD 5 to STD 10. I left this school in the year 2009. At this school I was trained for tailoring, swimming & Tabla. I have won laurels’ in Tabla. Master Sachin Schindi taught me Tabla & I presented a program when President Mr. A. P. G. Abdulkalam had visited Apang Kalyankari Sanstha. I love music but as I am handicapped I cannot stand I thought about this instrument as I can sit & play. I have also got a certificate for playing Tabla and I would love to continue to learn. I am also good in sports and have won prizes in running competition. I have taken part in Balkalyan Sports meet also at Mukundnagar and also at my school Apang Seva Kendra. I felt very positive that in spite of my Handicap I am able to play and do something on my own.

Most of the times I was pitied by my friends & very often I needed their help for most of my activities. I used to feel very bad and extremely guilty all the time. My sister & my friend were very close to me& I used to discuss all my problems with them. They helped me to solve my problems and helped me to take decisions. They used to console me at times of sorrows.

My parents supported me and my friend & social worker Rupali Nalavadi encouraged me for further studies. My brother also supported me for my further studies. I decided to study so that I can be independent & not a burden on others. I shifted to a private room at Jagtap Chowk to pursue my education in STD 11th. In the room there was an Indian toilet and this was difficult for me to use as sitting down in the bathroom was very difficult. I also used to go to college by bus which was very difficult for me.

Our social worker Rupali told my parents about Helplife who she told is an organization working for physically handicapped girls. She explained to my parents that this organization would be more convenient for me than in a private room.

I am very happy that I had got a chance to study at Helplife. At Helplife all my needs were met in terms of convenience especially in terms of a suitable bathroom facility. At Helplife I travel to college by our Maruti Van. Our college fees and nutrition and medical expense are looked after by Helplife. Our books and tuition fees are also taken care of by Helplife. We have English Teachers who come and teach us English Text that is college work and a professional teaching us spoken English. One Sir Kunal also comes from a company and teaches us English once a week. I am really happy with the teaching of English as I was poor in English language and now I scored 52% marks in my 11tsd exam. I am more confidants now. Through Helplife I was enrolled in MSCIT course that is a Government run course for computers and I am really happy about that. I have become more confident and open. In every walk of life Helplife has made it easier for me. This place is like a home to me.

My aim is to study hard and pass my 12th std well and excel in computer field. I want be self reliant by taking a job and not be dependent on anyone.

My name is Shridevi Raju Barigidad. I was born in a village called Salgar in Akalkot district in the year 1991 on the first of June. I was not handicapped by birth. In my early childhood when I was a year old, I was able to walk with the help of my legs. But to my bad luck when I was one and a half years old I had high fever and I was taken for Medical treatment to the hospital where the doctor gave me an injection. The next morning in hospital they found that I was not able to stand & had lost use of both my legs. My two legs became a nightmare for me. Also I had lost my mother in my childhood and my family was suffering a big loss because of that. There was nobody to take care of me.

I have a father & 5 elder sisters. All my sisters took care of me. They used to carry me as I was unable to walk. This always made me feel that I was a burden to others. I had a basic problem in walking as after that incident my legs were somehow joint together. My sisters used to assist me to go to the toilet .I used to have bruises and injuries on my hands as I had to sit & push myself with my hands & also crawl the same way. My father also helped me in whatever way he could. I used to feel awful and very depressed when I used to see others walking freely. I was not happy mixing with people due to my handicap and I used to often hope and pray that I could walk like others.

I spent my entire childhood in a hostel. As I had lost my mother in childhood & also due to my handicap I was kept in a hostel from the very beginning that is from the first school I went to. I was studying in a Handicap school from my childhood and all my teachers & friends used to help me. My best friend was Vidya in school and she was also handicapped. She used help me a lot in the hostel. She used to assist me by carrying my school bag and we both used to study together. She would understand my feelings as I did not have my mother. She used to help me to solve my problems. From childhood I liked to study and I also learnt to be independent as far as possible.

I used to feel very bad in the hostel at times and I would feel like going home but could not because of my step mother. Also my father used to stay very far away from Pune so it was very difficult for me to go home. Hence I used to stay at the hostel even during the holidays. I used to sometimes visit my sisters place in the holidays.

As I was growing with my handicapped legs at the age of six years I was put in a hostel called “Naveen” which is at my place Akalkot. This place was not a home for me but a place where I studied up to STD 2nd. At this place I had to work very hard wash my clothes it was quite difficult to work sitting with both my legs folded. From “Naveen” hostel I was shifted to Wanawadi i.e. Apang Seva Kendra. At this place I studied up to STD 10th. After coming to this place in the year 2001 I was operated on both legs. After my operation with the help of calipers I was able to walk. Even though I am handicapped I am interested in sports. After my operation in the year 2001, I used to regularly take part in running race. I have won many medals in running. I have traveled to many places Nagpur, Nasik, Latur and Jalna to take part in sports. I completed my STD 10th in the year 2008. Slowly I started feeling very happy & my confidence level would be high because in spite of being handicap I was winning prizes like normal students.

As my father does not have much knowledge about studies, my sister and I took the decision to study further after 10th std. Also because I wanted to be independent as from my childhood I was away from home staying in the hostel. In spite of my request the school did not permit me to pursue my further education. Finally I had to leave the school & stay independently. After my results that is after I passed STD 10th I had to leave my school & stay on my own in a rented room at Jagtap chowk to pursue my 11th STD. It was very difficult to go to college with clutches & calipers. In the room it was very difficult to do my day today routine work right from going to the toilet work to other work like cooking , washing, going to college by bus. During the monsoon it was very difficult to come out of the room as it was difficult for us to walk on the roads with crutches & catch the bus to school. My life in the room was very uncomfortable and unpleasant.

Our social worker Rupali from our school told my parents about Helplife. Helplife works for physically handicapped girls. She told my parents that this place is more suitable for studies than the private room.

I am very happy studying at Helplife. I am not facing the problems that I had to face in the private room. It is more convenient for us to travel to college, rather than by bus from the private room. Also all our toilet activities, washing clothes, cooking every walk of life at Helplife is made easier for us .Also the study part we have tutors coming to teach us. This place is like our home.

I want to study hard & pass my STD 12th .I wish to become jewellery designer.

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